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 Onboarding Toolkit

This resource-rich toolkit has all of the information and tools needed to build an solid and effective onboarding program for new employees. Incorporating a well-developed program reduces turnover of new employees significantly. Special thanks to LeadingAge Minnesota's Foundation for providing it to our members at no cost.

Free Online Management/Supervisory Training

Nurse Leadership Enrichment and Development (NurseLEAD) is an evidence-based training program to help charge nurses and team leaders in nursing homes become more effective coaches, leaders and supervisors of frontline staff. The program consists of an introduction and seven modules. LeadingAge members can access the course for free. 

Workforce Cost Calculator

Use this calculator to figure out the cost of your turnover -- download and do in Excel.
Helpful Background Information:

  • Rule of thumb: the cost of replacing any employee is 25% of the salary amount
  • Average turnover for home care agencies is between 40-60%
  • Average turnover in nursing home for certified nursing assistants is between 40-70%
  • Minimum direct cost of replacing a direct care workers is $2,500
  • Indirect costs are individual to each organization, but include advertising, training, temporary help, lost productivity, etc.
  • Example: An organization that averages 40 terminations per year is spending at least $100,000 (40 x $2,500= $100,000)

Job Board/Careers 

This webpage allows members to post their job openings at no charge for 30 days. Nonmembers can post for $75.  This is the most visited page on our website after the home page.



Cost Report Navigator

A tool developed by the association from cost report data collected by the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services. There is a section on staffing, turnover and wages to help members compare themselves with other nursing homes in Kansas.

Older surveys and information we have performed: pre-pandemic.
More information will be available in the coming months.

2018 LTC Workforce Satisfaction Survey

This Survey was conducted through online survey software and subsequent focus groups. Nurses and CNAs within the LeadingAge Kansas Membership were targeted for responses. The data received showed the following:

  1. The #1 reason nurses and aides work in aging services is out of a desire to help others
  2. Nurses and aides leave their jobs most often due to low pay and poor leadership
  3. The single greatest impact on job retention would be to add more staff and supports to cover the needs of the residents.

View the entire report | View the infographic outlining the findings

2017 Wage Disparity Report for Long-Term Care Workers in Kansas

LeadingAge Kansas has commissioned the Kansas Health Institute to conduct a study on wage disparity between acute care and long-term care. KHI took data provided by the Kansas Department of Labor to conduct the research. There were several key findings from the research which included some surprises. They include:

  • Average hourly wages for dieticians and nutritionists were higher in long-term care ($29.11) than in all other comparison industries ($24.86 to $28.33), except for the Home Health Care Services ($31.45).
  • Average hourly wages for licensed practical and vocational nurses were higher in long-term care ($19.49) than in all other comparison industries ($17.49 to $19.40), except for the Total Government industry ($20.55).
  • Average hourly wages for select occupational and physical therapy-related jobs in long-term care were higher than in some other comparison industries and lower than in others.
  • Average hourly wages for registered nurses were lower in long-term care than in all other comparison industries. Registered nurses in Hospitals earn an average hourly wage of $28.19, which is $2.96 (or 11.7 percent) higher than the average hourly wage of $25.23 for registered nurses in long-term care.
  • Average hourly wages for nursing assistants were lower in the long-term care ($11.29) than in all other comparison industries ($11.66 to $12.67), except the State Hospitals ($10.97) and the Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Hospitals ($10.73).

This is the first report of its kind in our field in Kansas. Despite some limitations, it provides data for our long-term care members to use when considering wages. It also provides information for LeadingAge Kansas to use in testimony to legislators and through other advocacy efforts.

We would like to thank Dr. Lawrence Panas and Kari Bruffett from KHI for conducting the research.  Kari is on our Workforce Commission and has been an excellent voice for health policy.

View the complete document.

Insurance/Benefit Programs Through LeadingAge Kansas


LeadingAge Kansas has a long history of focusing on workforce issues for members. The following programs were developed to help members save costs and access excellent services in the areas of Workers' Compensation and Health Insurance.


LeadingAge Kansas' self-funded Workers' Compensation Pool.  

EBI, Inc.

LeadingAge Kansas' association-sponsored health insurance Program.