Acronyms in Aging Services

Our field is a veritable "alphabet soup" of acronyms.  Here is a list of common acronyms.  This list is by no means exhaustive.  If you think we should add anything to the list, please let us know.  


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AAA Area Agency on Aging
AARP American Association of Retired Persons – They prefer to be called by their acronym
ABA Applied Behavioral Analysis
ABN Advanced Beneficiary Notice
ACA Affordable Care Act
ACH Adult Care Home
ACHA Adult Care Home Administrator (Licensed)
ACO Accountable Care Organization
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
ADAPT American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today
ADON Assistant Director of Nursing Services
ADR Adverse Drug Reaction
ADRC Aging and Disability Resource Center
ADL Activity of Daily Living
AE Advancing Excellence in America's Nursing Homes Campaign
AGI Adjusted Gross Income
AHA American Hospital Association
AIA American Institute of Architects
AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIR Adverse Incident Reporting
AL Assisted Living
ALF Assisted Living Facility
AMA American Medical Association
AMDA American Medical Director's Association
ANE Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation
APRN Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
AoA Administration on Aging
AP Area Plan
APS Adult Protective Services
ARD Assessment Reference Date
ASA American Society on Aging


Assessment Submission and Processing System
AT Assistive Technology
AU Autism Waiver (a Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waiver
AU Aging Update (LeadingAge Kansas' Weekly Newsletter)
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BACHA Board of Adult Care Home Administrators
BC/BS  Blue Cross/Blue Shield
BCH  Boarding Care Home
BIMS Brief Interview for Mental Status
BOTA Board of Tax Appeals
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CAA  Care Area Assessments
CAP Corrective Action Plan
CARE  Client Assessment Referral and Evaluation
CAST LeadingAge Center for Aging Services Technology
CD Consumer Directed
CDBG Community Development Block Grant
CDC Centers for Disease Control
CDDC Community Developmental Disability Center
CDDO Community Developmental Disability Organization
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CFS Cognitive Function Scale
CILC/CIL Center for Independent Living
CLASS Community Living and Supportive Services Act
CM Case Management/Managers
CMA Certified Medication Aide
CMHC Community Mental Health Center
CMI Case Mix Index (measure of acuity)
CMP Civil Monetary Penalty
CMS Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
CNA Certified Nurse Aide
COBRA Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
COT Change of Therapy
COVID-19 In COVID-19, 'CO' stands for 'corona,' 'VI' for 'virus,' and 'D' for disease
CPS Cognitive Performance Scale
CRA Certified Restorative Aide
CSS Community Support Services ( a division of the Department for Children and Families (DCF))
CY Calendar Year
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DCF Department of Children and Families (KS Dept of)
DD Developmental Disability
DHF Division of Health Care Finance (a division of the Department for Children and Families (DCF))
DISC Division of Information Systems and Communications (Department of Administration)
DME Durable Medical Equipment
DNS Director of Nursing Services
DOB Division of Budget
DOC US Department of Commerce
DOD US Department of Defense
DOE US Department of Education
DOJ US Department of Justice
DOL Department of Labor
DON Director of Nursing
DOT Department of Transportation
DPOA Durable Power of Attorney
DPOA-HC Durable Power of Attorney - Health Care
DRC Disability Rights Center
DSH Disproportionate Share for Hospitals Program
DSNP Dual Special Needs Program
DUR Drug Utilization Review
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EA Economic Assistance Worker
EAP Employee Assistance Worker
EBT Electronic Benefits Transfer
EDS Electronic Data System – determines Medicaid Social Security Disability Payments
EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EHR Electronic Health Record
EIN Employer Identification Number
E-MOD Environmental Modification
EMS Emergency Medical Services
EMR Electronic Medical Record
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
ERU Estate Recovery Unit
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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FCSP Family Caregiver Support Program
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FE Frail Elderly
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FFP Federal Financial Participation
FFS Fee for Service
FFY Federal Fiscal Year (October 1 – September 30)
FGP Foster Grandparent Program
FHAA  Fair Housing Amendments Act
FHSU  Fort Hays State University
FI  Fiscal Intermediary
FLSA  Fair Labor Standards Act
FMAP Federal Medical Assistance Percentage
FMLA  Family Medical Leave Act
FMS Financial Management Services
FPL  Federal Poverty Level
FQHC Federally Qualified Health Center
FSM  Field Services Manual
FSP  Field Services Policy
FY Fiscal Year
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GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Practices
GAAS Generally Accepted Auditing Standards
GAO Government Accounting Office
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HB House Bill
HCBS Home and Community-Based Services
HCBS-DD Home and Community Based Services – Developmentally Disabled
HCBS-FE Home and Community Based Services – Frail Elderly
HCBS-PD Home and Community Based Services – Physically Disabled
HEDIS Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set
HIT Health Information Technology
HITECH Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act
HHA Home Health Agency
HHS US Department of Health and Human Services
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HIPPS Health Insurance Prospective Payment System
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HMO Health Maintenance Organization
HP Homes Plus
HUD US Department of Housing and Urban Development
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IA Information and Assistance
IADL Instrumental Activity of Daily Living
I&A/R Information and Assistance/Referral
IAHSA International Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
ICF/MH Intermediate Care Facility for Mental Health
ICF/MR Intermediate Care Facility for Mental Retardation
ICD -10-CM International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification
I/DD Intellectual/Developmental Disability (an HCBS Waiver)
IDR Informal Dispute Resolution
IE Income Eligible
IHNS In Home Nutrition Program
ILC or CILC Independent Living Center/Centers for Independent Living
IMD Institutes for Mental Diseases
INK Information Network of Kansas (Department of Administration)
INTERACT Interventions to Reduce Acute Care Transfers
IPA Interim Payment Assessment
IRS Internal Revenue Service
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K4A  Kansas Association of Area Agencies on Aging
KABC  Kansas Advocates for Better Care
KAC Kansas Association of Counties
KACE Kansas Adult Care Executives
KACIL Kansas Association of Centers for Independent Living
KAMU Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved
KAMMCO Kansas Medical Mutual Insurance Company
KAMIS Kansas Aging Management Information System
KANCARE Kansas Medicaid System
KAPS Kansas Advocacy and Protective Services
KAR Kansas Administrative Regulations
KBI Kansas Bureau of Investigation
KCC Kansas Corporation Commission
KCCC Kansas Culture Change Coalition
KCDC Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns
KCDD Kansas Council on Developmental Disabilities
KCNS Kansas Community Nutrition Services (formerly KANASP)
KCVA Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs
KDA Kansas Department of Administration
KDADS Kansas Department on Aging and Disability Services (formerly KDOA)
KDHE Kansas Department of Health and Environment
KDOA Kansas Department on Aging (now KDADS)
KDOC Kansas Department of Commerce
KDOL Kansas Department of Labor
KDOR Kansas Department of Revenue
KDOT Kansas Department of Transportation
KEESM Kansas Economic & Employment Support Manual
KFMC Kansas Foundation for Medical Care
KHA Kansas Hospital Association
KHCA Kansas Health Care Association
KHCA Kansas Home Care Association
KHIE Kansas Health Information Exchange
KHIN Kansas Health Information Network
KHPCO Kansas Hospice & Palliative Care Organization
KID Kansas Insurance Department
KIN Kansas Intergenerational Network
KING Kansas Association of Homes for the Aging Insurance Group
KLS Kansas Legal Services
KMIS Kansas Management Information System
KMMC KanCare Meaningful Measures Cooperative
KMS Kansas Medical Society
KMSM Kansas Medical Services Manual
KORA Kansas Open Records Act
KPERS Kansas Public Employees Retirement System
KSA Kansas Statutes Annotated
KSCDA Kansas Senior Center Directors Association
KSDE Kansas State Department of Education
KSFM Kansas Fire Marshal
KSFMNP Kansas Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program
KSNA Kansas State Nurses Association
KSPS Kansas Senior Press Service
KSU Kansas State University 
KUMC Kansas University Medical Center (Kansas City)
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LAN Local Area Network
LANE Local Area Networks for Excellence (Affiliated with AE)
LCE Licensure, Certification & Evaluation (KDADS)
LCI Lifelong Community Initiative
LEP Limited English Proficiency
LHA Local Housing Authority
LIEAP Low Income Energy Assistance Program
LMB Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary
LMLP Licensed Masters Level Psychologist
LOC Level of Care
LOS Length of Stay
LSCSW Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Workers
LTC Long Term Care
LTCO Long Term Care Ombudsman
LTCU Long Term Care Unit (Hospital)
LTSS Long Term Services and Supports
LWIB Local Workforce Investment Board
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MA Medical Assistance
MAC Medicare Administrative Contractor
MAR Medication Administration Record
MB Megabyte (Size of file on the PC)
MCO Managed Care Organization
MDS 3.0 Minimum Data Set (version 3.0)
MEDICAID Social Services administered Health Assistance Program (Title 19)
MEDICARE SSA Administered Health Insurance (Title 18)
MFFC Managed Fee for Service Plan
MFP Money Follows the Person
MH Mental Health
MHDD Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities
MHR Medical Health Record
MIS Management Information Systems
MLTSS Managed Long Term Services and Supports
MMA Medicare Modernization Act
MMIS Medical Management Information Systems
MOE Maintenance of Effort
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MOW Meals on Wheels
MQR Medicaid Quality Review
MR/DD Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities
MSA Medical Savings Account
MSPB Medicare Spending Per Beneficiary
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NADSA National Adult Day Service Association
NAHA National Affordable Housing Act
NAMI National Alliance for Mentally Ill
NAMI-KS National Alliance for Mentally Ill, Kansas (formerly KAMI)
NASUA National Association of State Units on Aging
NCCI National Council on Compensation Insurance
NCOA National Council on Aging
NF Nursing Facility
NF/MH Nursing Facility/Mental Health
NFMR Nursing Facility/Mental Retardation - Now called Individuals with Intellectual Disability Facilities
N4A National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
NFCA National Family Caregivers Association
NGA Notification of Grant Award
NH Nursing Home
NIA   National Institute on Aging
NIH National Institutes of Health
NIMH National Institute of Mental Health
NLRB National Labor Relations Board
NOFA Notice of Funding Availability
NORC Naturally Occuring Retirement Communities
NTA Non-Therapy Ancillary
NQF National Quality Forum
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OAA Older Americans Act
OBRA Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
OIG Office of Inspector General
OKEP Older Kansan Employment Program
OKIRSA Older Kansas Information and Referral Service Association
OMB United States Office of Management and Budget
OMRA Other Medicare Required Assessments
OSA Optional State Assessment
OSCAR Online Survey Certification and Reporting
OSHA Occupational Health and Safety Administration
OT Occupational Therapy
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PACE Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly
PASARR Pre-admission Screening and Resident Reviews
PBM Pharmacy Benefit Manager
PCA Personal Care Attendant
PCP Primary Care Physician
PD Physically Disabled (an HCBS waiver)
PDL Preferred Drug List
PDPM Patient Driven Payment Model
PEAK Promoting Excellent Alternatives in Kansas Nursing Homes
PEANE Prevention of Elder Abuse, Neglect, & Exploitation
PERS Personal Emergency Response System
PFFS Private Fee for Service Plans
PHI Protected Health Information
PIL Protected Income Level
PIO Public Information Officer
PIP Performance Improvement Plan
PM/PM Per Member Per Month
PMP Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
POA Power of Attorney
POC Plan of Care
PPD Per Patient Day
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
PPO Preferred Provider Organization
PPP Paycheck Protection Program
PPS Prospective Payment System
PRTF Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility
PSA Planning and Service Area (the same as AAA)
PSU Pittsburg State University
PT Physical Therapy
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QA Quality Assurance
QAPI Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement
QF Quality First
QI Quality Indicators
QIES Quality Improvement and Evaluation System
QIO Quality Improvement Organization (KFMC in Kansas)
QM Quality Measures
QMB Qualified Medicare Beneficiary
QR Quality Review
QRP Quality Reporting Program
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RAC Recovery Audit Contractor
RAI Resident Assessment Instrument
RAM Random Access Memory
RCF Residential Care Facility
RCIL Resource Center for Independent Living
RF Residential Facility
RFP Request for Proposal
RHCF Residential Health Care Facility
RS/MH or RF/MH Residential Facility/Mental Health
RoP Requirements of Participation for Nursing Homes
RSVP Retired and Senior Volunteer Program
RTCIL The Research and Training Center on Independent Living
RUG-IV Resource Utilization Group (Version 4)
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SAC State Advisory Council on Aging (Formerly GAC - Governor's Advisory Council)
SAGE Society for Advancement of Geriatric Environment
SB Senate Bill
SCA Senior Care Act
SCP Senior Companion Program
SCSEP Senior Community Service Employment Program
SFY State Fiscal year (July 1 through June 30)
SGF State General Fund
SHARP Safety and Health Recognition Program (through KDOL)
SHICK Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas
SHIP Senior Health Insurance Program
SHL Silver Haired Legislature/Legislator
SILCK State Independent Living Center of Kansas
SLMB Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary
SLP Speech Language Pathology
SMSA Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area
SNAP Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
SNF Skilled Nursing Facility
SPARK Strengthening People and Revitalizing Kansas
SPMI Serious Persistent Mental Illness
SS Social Security
SSA Social Security Administration
SSDI Social Security Disability Income
SSI Supplemental Security Income
SUA State Unit on Aging
SUD Substance Use Disorders
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TA Technical Assistance
TANF/TAF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
TBI Traumatic Brain Injury
TCM Targeted Case Management
TDD/TTY Telecommunications device for the deaf/teletypewriter 
TFL Tricare for Life (formerly CHAMPUS)
Title II A title (section) of which Older Americans Act under which Establishes the Administration on Aging
Title III A title (section) of the Older Americans Act under which State Units on Aging and AAA's are established and a broad Spectrum of aging services funded.
Title III Part A This part establishes the organizational structure and Requirements for states and area agencies to receive grants for services.
Title III Part B This part of Title III establishes grants to states for Supportive Services and Senior Centers.
Title III Part C This part of the Title II provides grants to states for Nutrition Services.
Subpart C1 Provides grants for Congregate Nutrition Services.
Subpart C2 Provides grants for Home-delivered Nutrition Services.
Part D Preventative Health Services
Part E Family Caregiver Support Program
Title IV A title (section) of the Older Americans Act entitled Training, Research and Discretionary Projects and Programs, which provides grants for expanding knowledge and understanding of aging and the aging process.
Title V A title (section) of the Older Americans Act which funds Senior Community Services Employment Programs (administered by Department of Labor). (SCSEP)
Title VI A title (section) of the Older Americans Act which provides grants for Native Americans.
Title VII Elder Rights
Title X (10) A title (section) of the Economic Development Act which provides funding for public serviced employment and training programs in specifically designated eligible geographic areas.
Title XIX Medicaid (Social Security Act)
Title XVIII Medicare (Social Security Act)
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UAI Uniform Assessment Instrument
UMKC University of Missouri at Kansas City 
UPL Upper Payment Limit
UR Utilization Review
USDA US Department of Agriculture
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VA Veterans Administration 
VBP Value Based Purchasing Program
VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars
VPD Variable Per-Diem
VR Vocational Rehabilitation
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WIA Workforce Investment Act
WSU Wichita State University
WU Washburn University (Topeka)