Additional Aging Services

Care Managers

Helps people figure out what services are needed. Together, managers and their clients come up with a care plan that best fits an individual's lifestyle and arranges the services.

Congregate Meal Programs

Offer free or low-cost meals in group settings (often in a senior center or senior housing).

Financial Counseling Programs

Help an individual balance a checkbook, file taxes and pay bills. They also help with Medicaid, Medicare or other insurance forms.

Homemaker or Chore Services

Helps with different chores around the house, such as cleaning, preparing meals or doing laundry. They also help with harder tasks such as washing floors, windows and walls and shoveling snow.

Home-Delivered Meals

Bring meals in to individuals if they cannot prepare them on their own. 

Personal Care Services

Provide help with things like bathing and dressing.

Rehabilitation Services

Offer different kinds of therapies (physical, occupational, and speech) to help a person recover from an illness or surgery.

Transportation Services

Helps people get to and from shopping centers, doctor's appointments, senior centers and other places.
Senior Housing: You may want to think about senior housing if you want to live on your own, but don't want to have all the chores that go along with having a home. It's also a great option for people who want to live in a community with other seniors.

Depending on the community you choose, you can rent an apartment either at the market rate or if your income level applies, a lower rate. They are often specially designed with things like railings in bathrooms or power outlets higher up on the wall. They may also offer a 24-hour emergency call service if residents need help right away. Some places may also offer different kinds of services to the people who live there like meals, transportation, social activities and other programs.

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