PPE Information

Key points to know: 

  • Starting 4/26/2020 do not discard used N95 masks unless visibly soiled (no blood, bodily fluids or make-up)  
  • Storing used masks:  
  • Place the used mask in a paper bag labeled with the user's name or if no bag is available staple a piece of paper with the user’s name to the elastic cord.  
  • Store in a safe dry place until further instructions are provided.  
  • Masks may be decontaminated by use of the system up to 20. You will need to track the number of times masks have been decontaminated. This might include the use of a permanent marker to make hash marks on the elastic strap.   
  • Masks will be returned to the organization that sent them allowing the mask to be returned to the individual user.   
  • Decontamination System Use Details