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The Workforce Crisis is our #1 priority at LeadingAge Kansas. As the pandemic wears on, more and more individuals are retiring and choosing to move to other professions through the "great resignation". This decrease in staff has a multi-pronged effect. Nursing homes are utilizing more nursing agency staff to temporarily fill these holes. The cost of agency staff has increased exponentially in the last 2 years and they are recruiting current nursing home employees away from employers. Current pipelines are experiencing bottle necks and fewer people are wanting to go into the field. All of this is creating a perfect storm in aging services and we are working to right-size it. This is our 4-pronged approach to attacking the workforce crisis.

  • Public Policy – advocating for a statutory, regulatory and reimbursement environment that fosters and supports the long-term care workforce
  • Provider Practices-creating an environment where people want to work
  • Education/Professional Development – providing best practices in talent retention, innovation, diversity and the issue as a whole
  • Public Awareness/Image – helping our members improve their image in their own communities

We invite you to look around and utilize the tools and information included to help your organization.