Here are solutions to help members through the COVID 19/Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

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PayActiv Provides Free Liquidity for Workers During Crisis. They have also created the launching The ACCESS Foundation. This is a non-profit seeded with $5 million that will send money directly to our most vulnerable workers and small businesses.

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Here Are a Couple of Great Resources From our Friends at BKD:

  • Provider Relief Funds: We have some guidance on provider relief fund reporting, but not nearly all that will be required.  In a few weeks, HHS has committed to furnishing more information on reporting required.  At this point, it looks like the reporting period for demonstrating lost revenue and COVID-related expenses, and whatever other information they require, will be for the period ending December 31, 2020, with reports due 45 days later.  With that tight turnaround and variety of funding sources (state programs, paycheck protection program, Provider Relief Funds, to name a few) and with all sources focused on not double-dipping, it’s essential that providers are diligent and organized in tracking CARES Act stimulus, and how expenses are applied to those specific funds.  Enter BKD TrackForward.  TrackForward is an excel-based tool developed by BKD Health Care Group to organize that information.  Here’s our page to review the TrackForward tool: BKDTrackForward

    One other item of note – if your Provider Relief Fund receipts in aggregate are $750,000 or more, you may be required to have a Single Audit.  We are still getting guidance on this, but a CFDA number has been assigned to this program.  We think this will cause many providers who haven’t been required to have a Single Audit to have one.  A primer on this is at the link that follows – we can connect you with resources to discuss the impact on your organization.  Just let us know! Preparing for Single Audit.
  • Paycheck Protection Program: Guidance is evolving on the Paycheck Protection Program forgiveness process, but BKD has developed a tool to assist our clients in computing the forgiveness amounts.  Those calculations can be very involved and require significant selection of options and submission of a lot of detailed payroll information.  BKD is able to scale our service from providing the template, to reviewing your calculations, to training.  One service offering our clients are expressing a lot of interest in is performing and agreed-upon procedures related to those calculations, including an accountants’ report attesting to the procedures performed.  Here’s a link to our calculator and other PPP resources: BKD Paycheck Protection Program Resources.