The Value of Membership

  • We are a strong advocate for all things aging services and set the bar for advocacy in our field while fostering strong grassroots advocates in the state
  • We provide the highest quality services to our members while developing a suite of tools and resources that help members provide the best quality and services to older Kansans
  • We develop services that support members to improve workforce concerns and maintain business acumen in a changing world
  • We keep members up to date with news and events as well as provide a place for learning and growth with an eye on our future

Become a member

Making more time for yourself, your family and running your business means that you have to be your most efficient self. This requires the power you get from a community. Let’s all be more efficient together. This is the power of membership, organization and community. Benefits of membership include:

  • Keep up on innovations
  • Join a supportive community
  • Get greater value from the work you do
  • Part of a stronger voice
  • Stay in touch with industry and consumer trends
  • Members in good standing are eligible to vote and service on the Board of Directors
  • Eligible to participate in Value First group purchasing program
  • Eligible to access insurance products which include workers compensation and health benefits
  • Members can receive enhanced web access through the Authorized users section of the LeadingAge Kansas website
  • Membership in LeadingAge national is included
  • Eligible to receive discounts on education
  • Eligible to access business tools to help improve quality and financial acumen
  • Access to key consultants to help with Human Resources, MDS, Clinical Issues and Reimbursement
  • The best advocacy Kansas has to offer
  • Award winning, knowledgeable staff who have worked in the field
  • Eligible member employees can access scholarships to help them advance their careers
  • Eligible to participate in life changing leadership experiences

Applying for membership

Your company/organization is the member.
At this time, we only offer organizational memberships to non-profit, government owned aging services providers in the state of Kansas. Individuals who work for member organizations are automatically eligible to receive all of the benefits of membership.

Categories Description Cost

Full Provider Member

Members are organizations of non-profit, government owned aging services providers in the state of Kansas. Offered on a sliding scale based upon the organization’s program service revenue or type of provider. It includes membership in Kansas and LeadingAge national.

Associate Members

Associate members are businesses who provide goods and services to aging services providers. Associate members in good standing are offered opportunities to be presenters at educational events and invited to become partners to help us further the mission of LeadingAge Kansas. $700 base price

Student Membership

Student memberships are available to those individuals currently going to college and are not working in the field as a professional. Students are eligible for extremely discounted education, receive information on the field, provided the opportunity for important networking with industry experts. $25

Lifetime Memberships

Lifetime memberships are available to retired individuals who have worked in a member organization and are not currently practicing or serving on an interim basis. Lifetime memberships are free. Free and given out by the association when appropriate.


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