Session Descriptions

Tuesday, October 4th

9:00 – 10:30 AM Opening Keynote: Navigating Difficult Times to Transform the Future: Leadership Strategies for Success with Deke Cateau, CEO at A.G. Rhodes (1.5 A)

Effective leadership does not guarantee success, but ineffective leadership guarantees failure. Deke Cateau, CEO of A.G. Rhodes, a nonprofit nursing home provider in Atlanta, shares leadership lessons that have helped A.G. Rhodes navigate the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, regulatory and other operational challenges, and societal issues that are impacting communities across the nation. These are certainly precarious times for our sector, but out of these difficult times is the opportunity to transform the future for those who rely on our nation’s Long-Term Services and Supports.

10:45 – 11:45 AM General Session: WF Panel with Facilitator: Dana Weaver, COO at LeadingAge Kansas (1.0 A)

Panel includes: Jenna Kellerman, LeadingAge; Heather Pilkinton, Evergreen Community of Johnson County; Larry Nanny, Larksfield Place; Annie Peace and Kashaya Zukowski, Meadowlark Hills

Gain ideas from LeadingAge Kansas members and get a national perspective on what is working for recruitment and retention across the country. We will also present our upcoming multimedia Workforce Situation Report.

1:15 – 2:30 PM Keynote: An Exploration of Employee Engagement—Evaluating the Purpose and Worth of a Key Workforce Metric with David Rowlee, PhD; National Managing Director & Service Line Leader at Gallagher (1.5 A)

This session will offer current perspectives of workforce engagement including its evolution as a metric, how to define it, and how to accurately measure it. Case studies will be shared to illustrate engagement’s key role as predictive metric and also how engagement has been shifting in recent years—including its changes during the pandemic—and how it is expected to change in the near future. These studies will also reveal issues that drive and sustain engagement. Finally, the session will consider new areas of pioneering research that go beyond engagement—probing innovative and futuristic metrics that may prove even more powerful than engagement.

3:30 – 4:30 PM General Session: Grow Your Next Generation of Caregivers with Jenna Kellerman, Director of Workforce Strategy & Development at LeadingAge (1.0 A)

Learn how to formalize the pipeline of local students into your next generation of caregivers and leaders. This session will help you understand how LeadingAge’s Summer Enrichment Program can help your organization recruit diverse undergraduate and graduate students for roles in aging services. You will learn about real world examples of student programs that have bolstered the workforce in provider settings across the country.

Wednesday, October 5th

8:30 – 9:30 AM Breakfast, Business Meeting & More (1.0 A)

Join us for the Annual LeadingAge Kansas Business meeting, hear about the progress on finding a new President/CEO and approve the dues multiplier for Kansas. The session will also include an update on EBI, KING, the Foundation and Value First. 

9:45 – 10:45 AM Breakouts

  • Cost Report Navigator with Bob Dick, Director at Bland & Associates (1.0 A)
    We now have the cost report data for 2021 and it has been loaded into the popular LeadingAge Kansas Medicaid Cost Report Navigator. Bob Dick will be presenting the Navigator and highlighting key data and noting trends that will be important to the field.
  • Navigating the Great Resignation in Senior Living & Long-Term Care with Jessica Cullen & Felicia Adams at  Forvis (1.0 A)
    The Senior Living and Long-Term Care industry has been plagued with turnover in the post-COVID environment which has left many Organization’s struggling to carry out basic business functions across clinical, revenue cycle, and financial divisions. Join our FORVIS team for this informative webinar as they provide best practices and recommendations on how Organizations can develop improved back up plans and processes. We hope this discussion will empower Organizations to start considering and implementing proactive action plans to address the significant risks that exist due to staff transitions. In addition, our FORVIS team will discuss outsourcing options that could help alleviate certain pain points due to the constant turnover providers are experiencing.

11 AM – 12 PM Keynote: Shaping Your Organization’s Culture with Julie Thorson, President & CEO at Friendship Haven (1.0 A)

Understand how, as leaders, your personalities, strengths, and weaknesses influence your organization and your teams. This session will teach you the importance of being an authentic leader and help you understand your purpose.

1 – 2 PM General Session: Building a Team that Stays with Jenna Kellerman, Director of Workforce Strategy & Development at LeadingAge (1.0 A)

LeadingAge staff will discuss the important role that leadership plays in building a culture of coaching and advancement in your organization. Learn about tools and resources available to upskill your team, grow positive leaders, and elevate caregiving staff.

2:15 – 3:30 PM Closing Keynote: Practical Leadership with Julie Thorson, President & CEO at Friendship Haven (1.5 A)

This session will give you hands-on practical leadership advice on how to develop goals for your team. These goals aren’t easy to measure, but the process of developing the goals is a big part of the journey. Straight talk and real-time examples will help guide you if you are experiencing struggles when setting leadership development goals for your team.