Resident to Staff Aggression Grant Training Opportunity

Could your team benefit from learning techniques to prevent, de-escalate and respond to resident to staff aggression? If so, this training is a great opportunity for you and your team.

Resident to staff aggression occurs, but it shouldn’t be thought of as just part of a caregivers’ job. Tools for prevention and response to resident aggression are critical for promoting worker safety and satisfaction as well as the resident experience. This interactive, application-based training will explore some of the reasons for resident aggression, provide strategies for violence prevention, de-escalation and during incident response as well as post incident response strategies that promote the prevention of future incidents. The role of policy, consistent and effective communication and a workplace violence prevention culture will be explored. Interactive learning experiences and discussions will help trainees practice and apply learning.

Other topics discussed include: Dementia Care, Person-Centered Care, Trauma Informed Care, and ANE. 

There is no cost to attend as the registration has been paid by an OSHA grant and there is no limit on the number from an organization that can attend.  However, space in each session is limited and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Who should attend?

Training is available to long-term care employees of employers with fewer than 500 employees nation-wide and non-government owners. Employees from all roles and disciplines will benefit from the training. Leadership and those working in non-direct care positions will benefit from the training too. Teams of at least four are encouraged for in-person and live, virtual options. All trainees will receive a certificate of completion. Those licensed in Kansas may be eligible for continuing education credits.

Training Options

The training will be offered in multiple times and formats to meet the varied needs of your team members. Training options are shown below.  Core content is consistent across formats. Note: You may register for different trainees for as many sessions as you wish.  


(3 contact hours)

Live, Virtual
(2 Contact Hours)

On-demand – Video Training
 (2 Contact Hours)

8/31 Abilene, KS  
To register, email [email protected] by no later than Aug. 25th with attendee names and roles. 

No upcoming sessions 

 Kansas Residents -


             Available Through September 1, 2023

On-Demand attendees from Kansas are eligible for no-cost CE credits.

All attendees will earn certificates of completion.


For more information contact [email protected]

Download the Training Brochure


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