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"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

~Martin Luther King, Jr.



Advocate for Higher Pay & Reimbursement – A main priority of LeadingAge Kansas Advocacy is to increase reimbursement and higher pay for long-term care employees. It is reiterated in testimony and throughout all of our conversations with state officials. The association will continue this work and make it a higher profile need going forward.

Training and Education


LeadingAge Kansas believes that the following training needs to be updated to provide a better pipeline for individuals wanting to work in aging services.

  1. CNA Course Curriculum - We convened a workgroup in the fall of 2017 with various stakeholders to develop a recommendation for revamp of state mandated curriculum to the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services. Work is ongoing.
  2. CMA Course Curriculum
  3. HHA Course Curriculum

Public Awareness


We believe that the image of aging services and long-term care needs an overhaul.  In addition to work we can do on the state level, we will affect change in this area by empowering our members to raise their level of public awareness in their own communities.  

  1. Careers in Aging Services Day 
  2. Enable More LTC Providers as Clinical Sites – The Kansas State Board of Nursing has indicated to LeadingAge Kansas that there is a critical need for clinical sites across the state for nursing students. In many cases, a clinical rotation in a nursing home is the first impression an individual has related to aging services and long-term care. LeadingAge Kansas is connecting with schools of nursing to encourage, increase communication and collaboration between providers. A subgroup has been developed to develop guidelines for excellent clinical sites.
  3. University/Technical/Community College Associate Membership - LeadingAge Kansas has created a sub category of associate membership for these entities in the fall of 2017 to help connect our membership with the educational community. For more information, contact Dana Weaver or Nicole Schings.