• 9-30-2020 | The Kansas Division of Emergency Management (KDEM) Business PPE Stopgap program provides PPE to businesses experiencing delays in purchased equipment.  More info here.

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  • 7-22-2020SPARK Task Force Receives Funding Recommendations from State Agencies
    On Monday the SPARK TASK Force met, during which they heard from various state agencies to go over their funding requests.  Health-related requests starts on page 22 of this document. Highlights include funds for: 1) increased contact tracing, 2) significantly increasing state lab capacity, 3) statewide test/state lab courier to reduce shipping time, 4) increased support for KDEM to provide PPE sourcing help, 5) supplemental funding for LHDs, 6) testing equipment for LHDs, 7) 3 mobile test collection units to help LHDs, 8) COVID-19 Health Fund for Essential Workers who contracted the virus in the line of duty, 9) grants for community mental health centers, AAAs and substance abuse disorder programs.

    • The nursing home-specific recommendations begin on page 45 of the handout. It includes: Total $23.6M extra funding (about $12 prd) for NF, NFMH and ICF residents for 120 days (retroactive from March - July 2020) based on total residents days (not just Medicaid.) Note: This falls far short of what the LTC associations will continue to lobby for ($20prd  through the end of the calendar year.)  
    • 5% increase for PACE (also retroactive for March-July timeframe.)
    • 5% increase for HCBS providers, retroactive for March – July. Note:  The LTC associations are lobbying for $20 prd for all adult care homes (all payor sources.)  

    If you want to watch the health-related agency reports, they are first up at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghXdw_WRLqs. KDADS report starts at 17:20.


  • 8-10-2020 | Executive Order 20—49 extends the expiration date of nursing licenses in “good standing” that were to expire in March, April, May and June 2020 to September 15, 2020. These licenses must be renewed on or before September 15, 2020. Those licenses will lapse if not renewed by that date. The mandatory continuing education requirement must be met at the time of renewal. Board of Nursing.

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