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Welcome to the Online Learning Portal! Here you can access webinar recordings. Please utilize this education as either a refresher on a subject or to train internally within your organization. The Online Learning Portal is not eligible for continuing education. The accuracy of education depends on the timeframe in which it was presented. Our goal is to keep all information as up to date and accurate as possible. All recording links will be available until 12/31/2020 unless we feel the information is no longer accurate and relevant. If you believe a recording is not up to date please let us know and we will review it.

Reality Check- The Infection Preventionist Can't Do It Alone

Theresa Mandela, RN BSN QCP
Learn improvement strategies to energize long-term care infection prevention and control programs with innovative approaches and practical tips. With challenges like staff turnover and higher acuity, leveraging partners and resources to improve efficiencies is vital. Skilled nursing facility infection prevention activities are often fragmented, and we’ll walk through real-world scenarios demonstrating how an integrated, coordinated, collaborative process creates synergies leading to reduced infection rates. This session focuses on useful best practices and tangible resources that can be readily implemented. Join presenter Theresa Mandel, RN BSN QCP with Health Quality Innovators for this information filled webinar.

Successful Vendor Contract Negotiation

Kate Resnevic, with Macdonals Resnevic
Long term care and senior housing providers maintain an array of contractual relationships with vendors and other parties.  These include therapy companies, pharmacies, food service providers, medical directors, management companies, and consultants. Accurately assessing the parties relative bargaining power is critical for determining how hard to push to get what you want.  Knowing key contract terms such as length, termination and renewal, allows you to see through the haze of legalese and identify what is most important.  Finally, recognizing when a contract could violate fraud-prevention statutes, such as the Anti-Kickback Law, helps protect against costly federal audits and potential criminal and civil sanctions.

The Five-Star Quality Rating System What you Need to Know

Susan Chenail RN, CCM, RAC-CT
CMS’s Five-Star Quality Rating System has grown in importance since 2008. It is used to gauge nursing home quality.  Nursing Homes will be increasingly foreclosed from participating in Medicare, provider referral networks, various innovative Medicare payment arrangements and opportunities for waiver of the 3-day prior hospital stay requirement unless they have at least a 3-Star overall rating.  Essentially, such a facility may be unable to receive sufficient numbers of admission referrals and Medicare payments in the future. A valuable LeadingAge Kansas member benefit is the Five-Star Analysis Report provided via email link quarterly. In this session participants will learn how to use this report in a data informed approach to quality.

Differentiating Dementias in Long-Term Care

Amy Siple, APRN, FNP, GS-C
This presentation explores the clinical evaluation of dementia and the cognitive assessment tools we use. Profiles of common dementias will be discussed and the associated neuropsychiatric symptoms will be addressed.

Employee Leave Policies and Best Practices

Alisa Ehrlich, J.D.
This presentation will address the key legal compliance issues for Kansas employee leaves of absence, what leave policies and procedures every employer should have and how to manage employee disability.

KING Safety Webinar: Job Hazard Analysis and Compressed Gas Safety

Kevin McFarland, John Juresic & Travis Bennett
The first part of the presentation will focus on Job Hazard Analysis. The steps involved in identifying potential hazards in the job, preventative measures and matching the appropriate personal protective equipment will be discussed. The second part will discuss the safe use and storage of compressed gas.

 KING Safety Webinar: OSHA Recordkeeping and Dietary Safety

Kevin McFarland, John Juresic & Travis Bennett
Which workplace injuries need to be recorded on our OSHA log? The first part of the presentation will cover the basics and common questions regarding OSHA recordkeeping. Part two will review the types of injuries and exposures most commonly seen in the dietary department in the KING program and discuss preventive interventions.

PDPM: How to Succeed Post-Implementation

John Harned & Suzy Harvey, BKD
The new Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) is the first major update to the Medicare skilled nursing PPS in two decades. In this discussion, industry leaders will share insights into the new challenges and opportunities providers are facing having now implemented the program.

Practical Behavior Management Strategies for the Client with Dementia

Amy Siple, APRN, FNP, GS-C
This presentation will review common behavioral challenges reported in clients with dementia. Tips for de-escalating someone with agitation will be reviewed and strategies to engage clients with dementia will explored.

SNF Quality Reporting

Suzy Harvey, BKD
This recording reviews the SNF QRP measures and which MDS items impact the measures. We will look at the CASPER reports available and how to use them as well as what each SNF can do to ensure they do not get the 2% compliance reduction for the next year.

SNF Value Based Purchasing

Suzy Harvey, BKD
How is your SNF doing with hospital Readmission? This webinar will look at the SNF VBP measure, how it is calculated and the impact of the measure on SNFs. We will look at strategies to improve your hospital readmission rate and obtain the SNF VBP bonus as opposed to the penalty.

Social Media in the HIPPA Age

Laurie Dove
This presentation serves as a guide for helping administrators and employees understand their industry’s special considerations when it comes to social media and digital marketing. The legal regulations, privacy concerns and risks add extra layers of social media difficulty for CCRC and related organizations to manage. At the same time, consumers and prospective residents are adopting social media quickly and expect your organization to be there.

Websites that Work (For You!)

Laurie Dove
Is your website working for your organization? Discover how you can convert visitors into leads by including the right information, in the right way, on your website. In this presentation, you’ll find not only the keys to the success of a brand new website project, but also ideas to retool an existing website by discovering what could be improved.