Meet our Team


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Debra Harmon Zehr, President and CEO of LeadingAge Kansas
Debra is LeadingAge Kansas’ President and CEO. She leads the overall affairs of the association, works closely with the Board of Directors, and is responsible for the implementation of the strategic plan, oversight of financial resources, and of course, inspiring and leading the team. Additionally, she’s the primary spokesperson for the association, the liaison to LeadingAge National, and serves as the President and CEO of the association’s sister organizations, the Foundation and Employee Benefits, Inc. Her commitment and passion for aging services stems out of her deep love for her grandparents. She finds that helping the association’s members make a difference in the lives of the people they serve and being part of an organization that is not content simply preserving the status quo, are her favorite parts of her job. Debra, her husband, and their dog love traveling the open road together in a tiny 5th wheel Scamp. You can contact her directly at 785.233.7443 ext. 111.



Kevin McFarland, President of KING
Kevin believes there is no higher calling than caring for and protecting the people LeadingAge Kansas serves and loves working for wonderful, committed people serving elder Kansans. As the President and CEO of the KING program, Kevin is attuned to the needs of others, specifically in the realm of workers compensation, risk management and other insurance matters. He’s a valued member of the management team and internal “SWAT” teams, including education and Value 1st. Outside of the office, you can find Kevin serving as an Eucharistic Minister in the Episcopal Church and various other volunteer activities around the community. Kevin can be reached at 785.233.7443, ext. 110.



Dana Weaver, Chief Operating Officer
Dana is so much more than her title, which is Chief Operating Officer of LeadingAge Kansas. Her passion for elders transcends her formalized role and is visible in all facets of the association. She provides leadership to education, membership, office and account management, oversees IT, serves on the management team, writes grants, and develops new programs. Dana also serves as Executive Director of the LeadingAge Kansas Foundation. Despite her humongous role in LeadingAge Kansas’s success, she maintains a humble perspective and is thrilled just to make members easier by helping them solve their problems. She has a passion for seniors and believes they’re the most interesting and underrated group of people in America. In her free time, you can find Dana chasing storms and blogging about food! Contact Dana at 785.233.7443, ext. 109.



Rachel Monger, Vice President of Government Affairs
Believe it or not, Rachel is actually in her mid-30s! She may look fresh out of college, but her resume and contributions to LeadingAge Kansas are that of someone much older. A Licensed Kansas attorney since 2005 and a Licensed Adult Care Home Administrator since 2014, Rachel is a legislative and lobbying powerhouse for the association. She’s passionate about elder justice issues and has spent her career advocating for the best quality of life and care for older citizens. If you have questions, seek guidance, or just need a sympathetic ear for all things regulatory or legislative, Rachel’s there for you. Rachel can be reached at 785.233.7443, ext. 102.



Tina Andres, Director of Administrative Operations
Tina helps with all facets of the association, including LeadingAge Kansas, EBI, Foundation, KING, and the Foundation Scholarship Program. She’s a team player that loves to help in any way she can! She can often be found providing administrative support as well and genuinely loves the work she does. Her passion for this field stems from having aging parents who have given her a different perspective on aging services. To Tina, elders are a wealth of knowledge and are very special individuals, and she feels blessed to work for an association that strives to make things better for both elders and members alike. Tina can be reached at 785.233.7443, ext. 101.



Hayley Spicer, Director of Membership and Education
On top of organizing important education and events, Hayley is committed to providing members exceptional event experiences where they can get involved and earn CEUs. She also serves on the Education Planning Swat Team, develops marketing for education, and organizes continuing education opportunities. As a newer member of the LeadingAge Kansas team, Hayley loves learning about the association, its members, and helping teach them what they can do to provide the best service possible. She chose the aging services field to serve as a resource to members and help make a difference in their lives, and in the lives of her aging family and friends. Her passion to help others extends outside of the office, as you can find her on the volleyball court as a coach and a player. Hayley can be reached at 785.233.7443, ext. 108. 


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Nicole Schings, Education and Expos Coordinator

Nicole’s passion for helping others and knack for project management come together in her role as Education and Membership Assistant for LeadingAge Kansas. She coordinates all aspects of Associate Member recruitment and retention, Expos, online-based education, and assists with event registration, tracking CE and assisting CE requests. Nicole strives to be as helpful as possible to all members, assisting them in anyway she can in order to give back to those that need it. When Nicole is not at the office, you can find her enjoying the great outdoors, hiking and biking on Kansas trails with her dog Blu. Nicole can be reached at 785.233.7443, ext. 106.

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Stephanie Gfeller, Director of Special Projects

Stephanie grew up spending time with her great-aunts in their shared housing home just like the beloved TV show Golden Girls. The memories she made and the fun she remembers is what she says led to pursuing a career in aging services. As the Coordinator of Special Projects, Stephanie looks forward to improving the quality of life for elders through association activities and coordinating the Team STEPPS grant project. Stephanie's love for connecting with others shines in her role at LeadingAge Kansas as well as at home with her kids doing fun activities and baking. She also enjoys running and says that although it may be at the pace of a turtle, she loves it! Stephanie can be reached at 785.233.7443, ext. 104.


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Ann Castro, Value First Representative

Ann has been with Value First for two years and is currently responsible for LeadingAge Texas and LeadingAge Gulf States.  She has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, focusing specifically on group purchasing and supply chain solutions within the non-acute market.