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Welcome to the KING website! The website has been designed to provide useful information and tools for workers compensation / risk management in elder care organizations. Members of KING have access to a “Members Only” section that will require their user I.D. and password. Please take a moment to become familiar with the website. If you have any difficulties or have suggestions or questions, please give us a call. Thanks for visiting and please have a safe day!

What's New?

2022 KING Safety Grant
The KING Board of Directors are pleased to announce and present the 2022 Safety Grant program.  The Board approved a grant award pool of $25,000 for 2022.  In addition, the maximum grant for the Equipment category has been raised to $1,500.  This matching grant opportunity is available to KING members only.  Grant categories include Equipment, Training and Innovation.  The application deadline is February 28, 2022. Download the application and learn more.

KING Holds 31st Annual Meeting
KING held its 31st  Annual Membership Meeting on April 20, 2021 via Zoom in conjunction with the LeadingAge Kansas Spring Conference.  Participants were presented a report from Ed Reasoner with Thomas McGee Group on KING historical trends and performance.  The 2024 KING Board class was elected.  The class includes Aaron Kelley, Prairie Sunset Home and Mark Oswald, Mennonite Friendship Communities; both for their 1st elected terms.  During the KING Board meeting held on May 6, 2021, Elizabeth Howarth was elected Chairperson and Mark Oswald was elected Secretary/Treasurer for the 2021-22 Policy Year. 

STAR 2.0 Available
STAR 2.0 was unveiled at the recently held KING Rounds. Copies of the Train the Trainer DVD and printed modules will be delivered to you by your Loss Control Consultant and trainings will be scheduled. STAR 2.0 contains all the original modules with the addition of “Finding a Resident on the Floor” and “Handling Bariatric Residents”. STAR 2.0 may be viewed on the KING website, Member Only section.

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About KING

KING is a group-funded workers compensation pool formed under Kansas statute 44-581. KING's formation began in the late 1980's in response to members' need when faced with shrinking insurance options and soaring worker compensation premiums.

KING is a non-profit 501 (c) 4 corporation that began offering workers compensation coverage to members on April 1, 1990. KING now insures between 50-60 LeadingAge Kansas members generating between $2-3 Million in premium annually. LeadingAge Kansas staff provides management services and oversight of the KING program.

KING Pays. Kansas statute allows group-funded workers compensation pools like KING to return unused premium in dividends to members that qualify. To date, KING members have received over $7.6 Million in dividends over the years.

KING's success is tied directly to loss control. KING provides members professional loss prevention services tailor made to fit member needs. Services include in-service training, accident analysis and regional safety seminars.

STAR 2.0. A cornerstone loss control program for KING members is STAR 2.0 (Safe Transfers And Repositioning).  All KING members incorporate STAR 2.0 training DVDs and modules for ongoing staff training and new employee orientation. STAR 2.0 may be viewed on the KING website, Member Only section.

KING Early Intervention program provides immediate nurse case management when necessary. This helps the injured employee receive the appropriate care as soon as possible and provides valuable communication to the member and claims adjuster. Each member's "return to work" program is analyzed and fortified so an injured worker can get back on the job quicker.

KING members submit reports of injury electronically to our claims administrator. Each month members are sent via email specific loss reports to help analyze and proactively respond to incident trends. Additionally, all members receive a current monthly loss ratio report for the entire pool that includes previous policy years.  Each year, a Benchmark Report is sent to the member comparing key workers’ compensation performance measurements with members of like size and the entire KING pool.

KING Safety Grant.  Annually, KING members may apply for a Safety Grant that will augment the member’s employee/resident safety culture.  The matching grant program provides cash awards in the areas of equipment, training and innovation.  Since 2012, nearly $100,000 has been awarded.