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Breakout Sessions | October 2nd | 4-5 PM 

Policy Track: No More Caps on Non-Economic Damages! 
Moderator: Kevin McFarland, LeadingAge Kansas; Panel: Chris Conrade, Conrade Insurance; Clark Shultz, Health Care Stabilization Fund; Rita Noll, Health Care Stabilization Fund & Rachel Monger, LeadingAge Kansas

The Kansas Supreme Court recently ruled that existing caps on non-economic damages from personal injury and medical malpractice are unconstitutional. Because caps have been in place for so many years, the potential impact of this ruling is unknown. This panel presentation will discuss the impact from an insurance cost and availability perspective, legal and defense strategies, the Health Care Stabilization Fund perspective and potential remedies to the Court’s ruling.

Entrepreneurship/Innovation Track: Problem Solving Through Facilitated Design
Dr. Scott Helm, Associate Director of the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership and Director, Executive MBA Program (Henry W. Bloch School of Management at UMKC)

Thinking Designing a new program or solving a problem with existing services is best served through a team process. Design thinking is one process through which organizations can engage in team-based problem solving. In this interactive session, participants will be introduced to and practice design thinking methods that aid group decision-making. This session will include a resource handout that will be useful for participants, so they leave the session with a couple basic tools they can apply in their organizations immediately.

Financial Stewardship & Sustainability Track: The Future of Payment Reform and Innovation 
Deb Freeland, CPA, Principal, Healthcare; CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP)

This session will discuss the various payment innovations and disruptions coming out of DC. We will look at value based initiatives and the future of reimbursement, discuss Medicare Advantage plans and their role in value base purchasing programs. We will also provide a regulatory reimbursement overview.

Cyber Security/Technology Track: Cyber Security - Understanding the Latest Guidance from HHS 
Lee Painter, Principal, CISSP, CRISC, HCISPP, CCSFP; CLA

On Dec 28th 2018, HHS released new (voluntary) guidance on implementing CyberSecurity controls. This session is designed as a review of this new guidance and discussion of potential implementation solutions as it applies to small to medium sized providers. Although voluntary, this presentation will discuss the merits of the major control areas. In addition to a review of this new guidance, selected controls will be discussed as they apply to real world examples of how, when implemented correctly would have prevented or limited the scope and impact of specific data breaches.

Breakout Sessions | Thursday, October 3rd | 12:30 - 1:20 PM

Policy Track: Fire Marshal Update & Panel 
Joel Beckner & Jack Chatmon, Office of the State Fire Marshal

The Fire Marshal will provide an update regarding surveys and citations. After the update there will be an opportunity for Q&A.

Entrepreneurship/Innovation Track: Leveraging Innovation to Move the Needle 
Tim Donnelly, Co-Founder & CEO, SeniorVu

Your priority is delivering a great experience to your seniors, their families, and your potential prospects.  However, the definition of “a great experience” is constantly evolving. As the world becomes more automated and instant (think Uber and Amazon Prime), seniors and their adult children expect your community and your team members to be more innovative too. In this session, we reveal areas where innovation can benefit your community without causing you to lose the personal touch and attention your clients have come to expect. We will show you innovative ways to measure your success without adding more work to your team. Plus, we will share ways to foster innovation internally to get your team members onboard.

Financial Stewardship & Sustainability Track: PDPM: How to Succeed Post-Implementation 
John Harned, BKD

The new Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) is the first major update to the Medicare skilled nursing PPS in two decades.  In this discussion, industry leaders will share insights into the new challenges and opportunities providers are facing having now implemented the program.

Cyber Security/Technology Track: Center for Aging Services Technology, CAST
Majd Alwan 

In this session, Dr. Alwan will discuss the prevalence and negative effects of social isolation on health and wellness of older adults as well as its implications on health care utilization and spending. He will then discuss a range of emerging technologies that are designed to help seniors combat social isolation, increase their engagement and quality of life, while reducing social isolation's negative impacts. He will also walk you through the most important steps of planning for, and selecting the most appropriate commercially available technology solutions! Finally, Majd will share case studies from providers who have adopted and used these technologies and share the advice and and provide guidance on the use of emerging voice activation.

Breakout Sessions | Thursday, October 3rd | 1:30 - 2:20 PM

Policy Track: Adult Protective Services Update: Financial Abuse Strategies
Deb Schwarz, Adult Protective Services Program Administrator; Department for Children and Families 

An update from Kansas Adult Protective Services on the best tools and strategies for addressing financial abuse of nursing home residents.

Entrepreneurship/Innovation Track: Staying in the Game: Personal Resilience 
Janine Hron, Senior Fellow, Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership, Henry W. Bloch School of Management at UMKC

Leading organizations in a complex social environment can be challenging and demanding for any of us, under the best of circumstances. But what about leading change under conditions that are less than ideal? What does it take to sustain your energy and focus and stay in the game when things are turbulent and even negative? In this interactive session, we will discuss resilience and what it takes to tackle the challenge of sustaining your energy as a leader when conditions are less than ideal, share a resilience self-assessment instrument, and share and discuss insights for how to sustain your energy and “stay in the game.”

Financial Stewardship & Sustainability Track: Strategic Leadership in Not-For-Profit Aging Services
Will Carney, Managing Director; Ziegler

The point can be made that the complexity of operating a senior living organization has increased in recent years, at both the executive leadership level and the board level. The impact that the affordable care act is having on organizations is significant, payment and reimbursement models are changing, competition is fiercer than ever, and the consumer of tomorrow will bring with them unprecedented changes to the sector. The not-for-profit providers need to be more focused than ever, willing to think differently about the future of their organization, and they need to have a proactive approach to preparing for and responding to the dynamic environment we are in.

Sector trends from Ziegler’s strategic and industry-based research will be a primary focus of this session along with senior living capital markets. This session will highlight Ziegler’s senior living research findings, giving attendees the ability to identify critical trends for both single-site and multi-site providers in areas such as growth trends through partnerships and affiliations, home and community-based services, campus repositioning and development, and technological innovation. The current state of the senior living capital markets, senior living financing trends, ongoing changes in the banking climate and credit ratings will round out this information-packed session.

Cyber Security/Technology Track: IT Tips, Tricks and Wizardry
Jerry Horton, Technology Director; Networks Plus

IT is generally thought to be frightening or beyond the understanding of most people; in short, IT is thought to be 'anti-fun'. In this session, Jerry Horton will discuss some tech hacks that are helpful, informative, and downright fun! Make technology work for you with just a few tricks and tips (no actual wizardry required...)