Who We Are

LeadingAge Kansas is an association of nearly 160 not-for-profit aging services providers dedicated to serving the needs of aging Kansans. We advance policies, promote practices and learning that empowers our members to help seniors live fully as they age. Our members serve over 25,000 seniors in Kansas each day.

LeadingAge Kansas is the umbrella agency that also houses our Workers' Compensation Pool, KING and our foundation called ASTRA. We are part owners of the Value First Group Purchasing program along with LeadingAge National and other state affiliates.  

We partner with LeadingAge National who represents our members from a national perspective on advocacy, research, information sharing and much more.

Our Mission

To assist our members to provide outstanding services and supports to aging Kansans in the place they call home.

Our Vision

LeadingAge Kansas will be the recognized leader and knowledge resource for aging services in Kansas.

Core Values

We strive to provide programs and services to our members so that the people they serve experience:

  • Relationship – To contribute to and have meaningful relationships with individuals, their communities, and society at large
  • Choice – To decide their own pattern of daily living and to have access to a spectrum of services to meet their changing needs and preferences
  • Quality – To achieve and maintain their desired quality of life, aided by caring, competent persons and excellent services
  • Outstanding Value – To have access to reasonably priced, efficient services


LeadingAge Kansas represents 160 nonprofit long-term care providers in Kansas. While members are diverse in size, over half have less than 60 total beds/units and 35% are free-standing organizations providing nursing home care only. 40% of our members serve in communities with a population less than 2000, while 15% serve in communities greater than 50,000 and range from 20 beds/units to 850 respectively.

LeadingAge Kansas also has an Associate Membership program consisting of approximately 75 businesses that specialize in selling products and services to long-term care providers. The associate membership program offers businesses various membership levels, sponsorships, and tradeshow opportunities. Members are also listed on the LeadingAge Kansas website.