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LeadingAge Kansas
217 SE 8th Avenue
Topeka, KS 66603-3906

Phone: 785.233.7443
Toll Free: 1.800.264.5242
Fax: 785.233.9471
Twitter:  @leadingageks

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Debra Harmon Zehr, President and CEO of LeadingAge Kansas
Debra oversees all aspects of the association and operations of LeadingAge Kansas and ASTRA. She is also the key contact in the areas of regulatory and legislative advocacy. You can contact her by phone at 785.233.7443, ext. 111.

Kevin McFarland, President of KING
Kevin is responsible for the overall management of the KING workers compensation pool, including oversight of claims management, loss control, legal representation and finance. Also, he's responsible for the LeadingAge Kansas Risk Management Initiative. Kevin can be reached at 785.233.7443, ext. 110.

Dana Weaver, Chief Operating Officer
Dana oversees public relations/communications, workforce, grant activities, association operations and other special projects. She provides leadership in the areas of membership and education.  Contact Dana at 785.233.7443, ext. 109.

Rachel Monger, Director of Government Affairs
Rachel works with the President in policy, regulatory and legislative items for the association.  She also heads up the Regulatory Help Desk.  Rachel can be reached at 785.233.7443, ext. 102.

Brittany Crabtree, Education and Marketing
Brittany is responsible for the oversignt and direction of the education department, marketing and provides assistance in communications.  Brittany can be reached at 785.233.7443 ext. 107.

Tina Andres, Accounting Coordinator
Tina is responsible for bookkeeping duties for LeadingAge Kansas, ASTRA and KING. She also provides administrative support for the Director of Finance and Reimbursement and Presidents of LeadingAge Kansas and KING. She is also the contact for the awards program.  Tina can be reached at 785.233.7443, ext. 101.

Melissa Sica, Director of Sales
Melissa manages the Value First group purchasing program for LeadingAge Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Melissa can be reached at 785.233.7443, ext. 104.

Diana Stettnisch, Education Manager
Diana is responsible for education database-related duties. She also maintains all continuing education for the association. Diana can be reached at 785.233.7443, ext. 108.

Kristen Brunkow, Coordinator of Membership
Kristen works with membership engagement, recruitment and retention, for members and associate members.  She also coordinates our exhibitor and sponsorship programs.   Kristen can be reached at 785.233.7443.

Leanna Chaffee, Director of Education
Lea provides strategic direction for all LeadingAge Kansas education and marketing.  She also coordinates the Center for Leadership Alumni Network.  Lea can be reached at 785.233.7443 extension 106.